TECHNOMAGEL. I. F. E. - Introduction.

Thank you for your interest in LIFE.  Although no longer in production, I hope the following information will convey to you the concept behind LIFE and go some way to explaining what you could do with LIFE the Little Infinite Frequency Expander.

LIFE the Little Infinite Frequency Expander

What is LIFE..? 

LIFE is essentially a compact self-contained hand held inspirational tool for everybody interested in the creation of sound. It is difficult to describe the sounds that LIFE can produce, words such as… "organic", "unexpected", "ambient", "hypnotic", "subtle", "analogue", "fun", and other expletives have been used by musicians who have used the device , usually followed by "can I keep it..?" and "how much..?".

The base of the unit is a wooden hemisphere approximately 125mm (5’’) in diameter made from reclaimed wood of our choice (so far; Oak, Ash, Beech, Iroko, Chestnut, Elm and Sycamore).  LIFE sits comfortably in either hand and has been described as "sensuous to handle".  A lead carrying signals to and from LIFE passes between your fingers and on to 'BOB' (the Break Out Box) and the outside world.

where on earth is LIFE?On the top of the unit are eight interacting controls and the translucent dome, which pulsates and changes colour in sympathy to the audio output from LIFE, forming a bond between sound and light.  The rotary controls consist of seven pots and one multi-position rotary switch, which are used to shape the sounds produced by LIFE.
Subtle movements of these controls by the operator create many sonic possibilities.

The controls are not labeled as it was felt that creativity can be hindered by ‘names’, but for those who need to know there is a general description in the owner’s manual supplied with each LIFE (link below).

support LIFE Users have commented on its wide audio range.. "from sub bass to tweeter killer..!" The only way to fully appreciate LIFE, is to interact and hear it for yourself.  It has been found that in different hands, the sounds produced are more a reflection of each person who uses it - to each his own.

LIFE & BOB are powered by two 9 volt (PP3 type) batteries (contained in the base of LIFE).

download LIFE Owners Manual pdf LIFE_Owners_Manual.pdf

A brief history of LIFE (L1) can be found on page [2]...